Kerif Cricket Academy

Your training at KERIF Cricket Academy is customised to your
individual needs as wicket-keeper, bowler, batsman and allrounder.

I have loved cricket from a very young age. I knew the names and style of all the International cricket players in the world. I always took my small radio to school when South Africa played test matches. I watched test matches all 5 days whenever it was possible. It is a sport that fascinates me. Every cricket shot is unique and each bowling action different.

I was an average player myself. I liked coaching from a young age. We as brothers played cricket for days in the back yard and I coached while we were playing. With cricket practise makes perfect. I was a South African junior cricket umpire. I am currently a qualified level 1 cricket coach. If you want to be consistent, love and enjoy the game – choose KERIF cricket academy. We are here for you all the way.

Why KERIF Cricket Academy?

  • The coach has a love and passion for the game
  • We develop the love for cricket while we enhance the correct skills in bowling , batting and fielding
  • We help you identify and manage your strengths and weaknesses and equip you with techniques to improve your overall game.
  • We use a bowling machine which is unique to the area

Result orientated

  • We improve confidence in your cricket skills and maintain your love for the game by making it fun.


  • Qualified cricket coach with National cricket umpiring experience
  • Individual skills development for batsmen and bowlers
  • Specific focus on individual’s skills needs
  • Specialised equipment


  • Cricket is more than the game. The life skills of discipline and perserverance are instilled while mastering the correct techniques.

High Standards

  • Small groups that are age and skill specific
  • One on one coaching
  • Your child will receive one development report a month and a performance certificate when goals are reached

Coaching Packages

KERIF Cricket Registration

I hereby declare that I will not hold the Kerif coach responsible for injuries sustained during lessons and acknowledge that the above information provided is true and correct

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