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I have been passionate about running and fitness from a young age. I started running long distance and cross country as a youngster. I specialized in 3000 meters in high school. At university I ran half marathons. I did my first Comrades in 2018 and completed my second one in 2019. At Sportsman’s Warehouse as branch manager I gained a lot of experience in running footwear. In 2019 I decided to be a sport, fitness and nutrition coach on a permanent basis.

I saw the need for athletes, casual runners and exercise enthusiast for personalized coaching plans and a coach that is available for support on a daily basis. I love people and enjoy it when people excel and improve. My focus is strength training and correct eating habits. Foam rolling is also an essential part of the programme. The measurement of success is consistent running and exercising. I provide a personal running, exercise and eating plan for your life style and your specific goals.

Why KERIF fitness?

  • Qualified life coach, athletic and long distance marathon coach.
  • Qualified Wellness coach. I can provide people nutrition plans for their specific
  • I am still an active Comrades runner that completed two Comrades marathons
  • Monthly running program. It includes strength training and foam rolling techniques.
  • Running programs can be altered and amended immediately if the need arises to.
  • Daily and weekly feedback on your fitness progress.
  • Available daily for any advice needed
  • All plans are online.

To whom is this training applicable?

  • Casual runner, exercise enthusiast and general fitness.
  • Individuals that just want to lose weight and get back into shape.
  • Beginner and novice walker or runner.
  • Park run or 5km runner.
  • Half marathon, marathon and ultramarathon athletes. Fast and slower runners.
  • People that want to live healthy and eat healthy.

KERIF Fitness Offerings

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I hereby declare that I will not hold the Kerif coach responsible for injuries sustained during lessons and acknowledge that the above information provided is true and correct

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