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Fitness for life. Young and old.

A monthly program customized to your running style, running pace and your unique traits and running abilities.


I have been passionate about running from a young age. I started running long distance and cross country as a youngster. I specialized in 3000 meters in high school. At university I ran half marathons. I started running again actively in 2017. As branch manager at Sportsman’s Warehouse Vanderbijl at the time, I started running to promote my store at the running clubs and be part of community involvement. I did my first Comrades in 2018 and completed my second one in 2019. At Sportsman’s Warehouse I gained a lot of experience in running footwear. I was the running specialist at my store. In 2019 I decided to coach long distance running on a permanent basis. I saw the need of athletes of personalized coaching plans and a coach that is available for support on a daily basis. I love people and enjoy it when people excel and improve. My focus is strength training. Foam rolling is also an essential part of the programme. The measurment of success is consistent running. I am currently doing an ultra-marathon coaching course through the North America Sport association. In December I will be doing my ASA long distance qualification level 1. I cater for social runners to serious Comrades runners. I provide a personal running plan for your running style and pace. Walkers are also welcome.

To whom is this coaching applicable?

  • Casual runner that is just running for fun and fitness.
  • Individuals that just want to lose weight and get back into shape.
  • Beginner and novice walker or runner.
  • Park run or 5km runner.
  • Half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon athletes. Fast and slower runners.
  • I specialize in assisting Comrades runners.

Why KERIF long distance coach?

  • Busy with my international Ultra marathon coaching course at the North American Sport association.
  • Will be qualified as a Level 1 ASA athletic coach in December 2019.
  • I am still an active Comrades runner that completed two Comrades marathons already.
  • Monthly running program. It includes strength training and foam rolling techniques.
  • Running programs can be altered and amended immediately if the need arises to.
  • Daily and weekly feedback on your running progress.
  • Available daily for any running advice needed.
  • Assist with injury prevention, gait analysis and correct running technique.
  • Specialize in correct shoe advice for your specific running style.
  • I worked at Sportsmans Warehouse and got specialized training as a running and shoe specialist.
  • In Vereeniging we have weekly group runs together. I run with the runners and then analyse their running style.


Hereby I would like to wish you all the very best and - congratulations on an great interview on Radio - would forsure recommend you as trainer to any athlete - best of luck for the future 

Louis Massyn

Marathon Legend

Kerif is al ongeveer 6 maande betrokke by Hope Tutor Centre en fokus op verskeie sport afrigting onderandere krieket en atletiek asook skaak afrigting. Riaan hanteer die kinders baie professioneel en doen goeie voorbereiding.

Ian Nel

Hope Tutor Centre

KERIF gives me access to a knowledgeable coach and personal assistance when I’m unsure how to tweak my programme - for such a small monthly fee is an incredible value.

James Language

Kerif Athlete

Thank you very much Coach. I appreciate everything you are doing for me!

Shaun Mashiqa

Kerif Athlete

I recommed checking this coaching program out guys! For exceptional, one on one, truly involved coaching that will be sure to have you reach your personal bests in no time!

Frans van Rooyen

Level 3 Athletic Sprinting Coach

He is an excellent coach! I can strongly recommend him!

Johan Roothman

Principal, Laerskool A.G. Visser

Riaan het n passie vir sport.. en net so groot passie om met kinders te werk...motiveer hulle...maak hulle uitblinkers..well done Riaans jy is n ster hou so aan!

Esna Olivier

Twin Radio

Thank you coach Riaan for being such a motivational coach. Although I struggle with the aches and pains, the only thing that keeps me from quitting and abandoning running altogether is Coach Riaan.

Ray Lallupersad

Kerif Athlete

Training Packages

Athletic Coaching


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How to treat sore muscles after a run.

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Mistakes beginner runners make

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Breathing when running

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The cause of running Injuries

The cause of running Injuries

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